Leigh Luxury Cat Hotel


I am proud to share the great news that Leigh Luxury Cat Hotel has been awarded winner of  Cattery of the year 2020/21. This reflects the highest possible standards of care, provision and qualifications necessary for a top-quality cattery and is a great honour.   

Our newest addition 'Luxury Lodge' is a bespoke 140 square foot stand-alone cat pen that houses up to 8 cats from the same household.  It is unique and one of a kind, a great asset to our cat hotel.


Leigh Luxury Cat Hotel

The Care Your Pet Deserves

Leigh Luxury Cat Hotel is a beautiful cattery based between Leigh and Astley, Wigan.  It offers luxury accommodation of the highest standard.   Each pen is heated and spacious  with  an individual exercise run.  Scratching posts, toys, tunnels, different levels have been designed to allow for plenty of exercise.
Please note that we only accept cats that are fully vaccinated.  Vaccination cards are requested on arrival and are kept for the duration of the stay.

Image by Raul Varzar