Cat Hotel

Pampered and loved

With Pampered Paws and Claws Cat Hotel, you will find everything you need - a cozy home, toys to play with, a comfy bed and lots of cuddles.

One cat

One cat in their own pen - £10 per day

Two Cats Sharing

Two cats sharing a pen - £15 per day

Three or four cats sharing 

Three or  cats sharing a larger family pen £20


I stock a wide variety of wet and dry foods and aim to keep your cat's diet consistent.  If your cat requires a special diet, just let me know.  I am happy to cater for special requirements.


Cat Grooming

Cat grooming is available at the on site studio.  Only one animal at a time is groomed so there is no contact between cat/cat; dog/cat or dog/dog.

A full groom consists of brushing out the undercoat, dematting trimming and clipper work. 

I also offer nail trimming on its own for £5

Cat Grooming


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