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Leigh Luxury Cat Hotel

The Quality Care Your Pet Deserves

Image by Raul Varzar
Cattery: Welcome

Cat Pens

Enjoying Nature Together

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Individual cat pens

Out and About

All our pens have a separate, heated bedroom with two access points at different levels. 

Each pen has a run which overlooks beautiful gardens brimming with nature.  Climbing trees and toys are provided as well as luxury beds.

Your cat will have plenty to look at as well as quiet corners to relax.

Hide and seek

Time to play

Each pen will have climbing trees, tunnels and toys for feline fun and stimulation.


Sleep Time

Safe and Sound

Snuggle up safe and warm in a cosy, quiet bedroom.  Safe and secure away from any traffic, tucked away at Pampered Paws and Claws cattery.

Cattery: Outdoor Activities
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